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Privacy Policy

Daiichidensobuhin Co., LTD. will strictly adhere to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and we will address implementation of personal information protection in accordance with the following policy.


1. Protection and management of personal information.

We will pay maximum attention to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information provided by our customers. When we contract the handling of personal data to outside contractors, we shall assure that outside contractors will be instructed and supervised for the management with close attention in order to prevent omission of personal data. And in case we provide statistical information to others, we will provide only statistics. We will take necessary measures to the extent reasonable in order to ensure the privacy of customers who visited our website.


2. Amendment or deletion of personal information

We disclose customer information of customer themselves to the extent reasonable at the request from customer, except in cases where there is a risk of harm to other customer's life, body, property or other interests, or we determine our business is significantly interfered.


3. Disclosure of personal information

In case of following situation, we may disclose your personal information.

(1) When we determine a customer caused disadvantages to other customers or our company, we may inform the customer's personal information to the related party, the police and the relevant agencies.

(2) When courts, public prosecutors, police, bar associations, consumer centers, or any organizations vested with the authority in these bodies demand that personal information be disclosed, we disclose the information to them.


4. Continuous improvement of our compliance programs

We continuously review our activities above and improve them.



We make no guarantee of contents like data of our website or links to our website. We shall not be liable for any damages arising from using any data or contents of our website.


Established in June 1, 2005 DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN Co., Ltd TEL. 049-261-6111 E-mail: gyomu@daiichi-denso.co.jp