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DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN is a small company manufacturing electric car devices. Electric devices like room lamps in cars don't attract people's eyes but they are indispensable things and light up around you when needed. These products are required usefulness and functional comfort, so we have to keep creating new ideas and maintain challenge spirt. Our core philosophy is establishing the environment where each one of the employees can voluntarily take challenges. And that makes our competitive strength and fundamental business strategy.
Quality of the environment affects manufacturing. Therefore we introduce ideas even if they seem nonsense at first view. We encourage flexible thinking, overturn of conventional ideas and challenges to things nobody has ever done. Our core philosophy and basic principle are establishing the company with people who are always positive, challenging and fearless of change.


[Principle]... Origin of UFO Mark

UFOs are imaginary objects. This imagination inspires your inquiring mind, expectation for what happens, unexpected surprise and aspiration for ideal... In a sense UFOs are the symbols of enchantment and people’s hope, and this is the reason we selected a UFO as our corporate mark.
Creativity is necessary for our company to produce, exhibit and originate something new. UFOs mean inspiration and origin of creativity for us. The concept of UFOs is our basic policy and the symbol of our principle. Our way of thinking might be gibberish, unconventional and our company seems mysterious, but looking at this in another way we have great potential to produce unexpected surprise, make serious things out of jokes and create astonishing things and we explore challenging tasks and possibility. We offer wonderful and exciting life for people, like a UFO. This is DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN.

[Corporate Mark]

●Creativity Concept

Our corporate mark using a UFO as its motif has new and fun atmosphere. UFOs are created from human's free and infinite imagination and joyful dream as an imaginary vehicle. What can it do? How does it surprise you? What's hiding behind it? We use this corporate mark because this mysterious tool gives every person inspiration for creativity and reflects our philosophy.
The mark portrays the concept of progress such as creation, challenge and possibility, and motivation to create "light" and light up people even if the society had developed and the vehicles had evolved. "Light up your heart, Light up your smile, Light up your future." We have vision to always advance to the future with challenge spirit and passion along with technology backed up with quality and reliability.

●Design Concept

Shape of a UFO is made up with curved lines, and its round and lovely appearance is friendly and has great impact and reminds in people's memory. The corporate color, "deep blue", is associated with stability, and that color also represents basics, technology and quality needed for manufacturing, and "friendly yellow" expresses creativity and warm heart.


[Concept Mark]

The concept marks supplement corporate mark and represent our hope that our products will be widely used around many places, in various scenes and situations. We hope to provide "lights" for people, "lights" for earth and "lights" for water. The concept marks have developed from the design concept of a UFO. Each of them is unique and playful friends.