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"Make products easy to assemble for anyone." This is the eternal and main theme of our product design and development. The design of simple and efficient structure of products requires more creativity and technology than it looks. Our advanced composite technology and flexible cost performance realizes high production efficiency and quality, and we satisfy customer demands.

The streamlined production process, labor savings in production, quality and reliability of products are supported by production technology. Production technology division takes charge of facility such as automation machines and making jigs needed for in-house manufacturing and embodies products based on the design drawings. We are always seeking new method for efficiency, and obtained nearly 300 patents so far along the way, and that results in the construction of unique production lines.

There are a lot of production lines in our plant and manufacturing electric devices for various kinds of cars. Although the number of parts and processes differ for each line, we implement the smooth operation. The easy action and management, and the protection of miss-operation are realized by visualizing the employee's skills and whereabouts of leaders and technical specialists, and sharing the information among employees.


Reliable quality assurance is realized by passion for products and observation of the quality assurance principles. Quality is made by production process. Under this principle every employee plays main role for quality control and strictly inspects the parts one by one with enthusiasm and professional mind to improve the quality. With this accumulation of daily effort, we are confident in and proud of our products.

▷Three-Dimensional Measuring Device

We have introduced three-dimensional measuring machine which can recognize and measure the three-dimensional geometry of parts. The machine examines products whether if the dimensions of each part are equal to the designed values and compensate the limit of human eye and enhance the quality management system.


▷Sleepless Workers

A mysterious room exists in our factory. Behind the heavy steel door you will find employees sleeplessly keep working 24 hours... Whir, clank, clank... blip, blip... machines are moving in a steady rhythm. Employees working here are actually test machines. By these machines products are checked if they work properly, and running endurance tests of switches and vibration tests of products are implemented. The data is collected through the tests under the various conditions such as temperature and humidity and is utilized for management and improvement of the quality. Sometimes they are operated for about 2 weeks without stopping. Although they are machines, they are our helpful colleagues and precious employees.