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Our Business

We are an independent assembly maker of automotive electric devices.

DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN is a designer, developer and manufacturer of electric devices for motorcycles and four-wheel cars. In our production system, design and development, die-making, materials procurement, production and quality control are consistently performed by us. In the every technological progress we meets customer needs on features, quality, cost of products and production speed. And not only that we pursue technological development for the future and seek new possibilities. And that makes us a valuable partner for our customers who supports their business vision.
For more than 50 years DAIICHIDENSOBUHIN has built up trust with customers through accumulation of our original know-how and technologies. And our strength is the fact that our company is one of the few of independent manufacturers who conduct direct business with the major automotive manufacturers.


In the automotive industry very few companies are specialized in only manufacturing of the automotive electric devices. The originality and high cost performance of our unique products enable our small company to compete against major companies with the capital strength. Mechanization and automation are the common philosophy. We are not satisfied with the conventional idea and method but instead carry out improvements and adopt more simplified method, reduce the number of parts and manufacturing processes, and that lead to cost reduction in development, production and personnel. All of these improvements are possible because our production method is clear and simple. “Simple is the best.” We have devoted ourselves to the simple things.